End-to-end Digital Traceability
Identification * Documentation * Asset Management

ValvTrac™ literally offers information at your fingertips. The revolutionary traceability solution uses RFID technology to provide information required to qualify, install, operate and maintain valves in large installations. The passive RFID tag operates in the XF frequency band, is firesafe and designed to perform in harsh environments.

L&T Valves manages increasing volume, variety and complexity of its product portfolio by leveraging Digital Shopfloor, a unique manufacturing and quality assurance platform and SPEED, an end-to-end collaboration and project management app.

During manufacture, barcodes attached to components allow personnel to access relevant instructions and information as well as automatically update manufacturing status on a cloud-based IT backbone. Thus ValvTrac™ ensures 100% visibility, error-free on-time manufacture and lower costs. After final inspection, all information embedded on the barcode plus all documents required by the customer are linked to an RFID tag. The tag provides access to technical and commercial documents and information essential for trouble-free service.

ValvTrac™ was successfully implemented at one of the largest refineries in the world. The solution exemplifies the spirit of L&T Valves, always going beyond standard requirements and industry practices to enhance safety, performance and customer satisfaction.

Advantages – During Manufacture

  1. Accurate machining and testing information accessed from cloud. No errors.
  2. 100% visibility
  3. Reduces rework, waste, lead-times, costs
  4. Faster deliveries
  5. Lower costs

Advantages at Site

  1. Quick access of information without paper