Triple-offset Butterfly Valves

Size 3" to 100" (80 mm to 2500 mm)
ASME Class Class 150 to 1500
Design Standard API 609 Cat B

Beyond Standards

  1. Design complies to API 609
  2. Valves offered with API 609 monogram
  3. Wide portfolio of Short-pattern and Long-pattern valves
  4. Design Validation Test – 12” Class 150 valve successfully completed 10,000 cycles
  5. Fugitive emissions – Complies to ISO 15848-1 Endurance Class CO2 and Tightness class AH
  6. Fire safe by design and complies to API 607/ ISO 10497 (preferred and non-preferred direction)
  7. API RP 591 test conducted on 12” Class 150 TOBV at Element Lab, USA
  8. CE Marking – Meets requirements of Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, Annexure III, Module H
  9. PED Module B1 Design examination certificate (certified by DNV) available
  10. Atex – Meets requirements of Atex Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), category 2 non-electrical equipment
  11. SIL3 Safety Integrity Level to IEC 61508

Features that Add Value

  1. Triple-offset Geometry minimises seat-seal contact – lower operating torque and cost of ownership
  2. Compact and light weight as compared to gate valves of the same size
  3. Hard faced in-situ body seat and flexible laminar seal ensure bubble tight sealing
  4. Single piece Anti blow out shaft
  5. Disc contour ensures minimum turbulence and pressure drop
  6. Retainer bolting complies to ASME Section VIII Div 1 Appendix 2

Versatile Solutions

  1. Options: High Temperature, Cryogenic, FBE-lined, Steam-jacketed
  2. Offered with Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators
  3. In-house Tests Capabilities – Cryogenic Test, Pipe Bending Test, Vacuum Test and Fast Closure Test
  4. ValvTrac™ RFID tags for reliable digital traceability