Globe Valves - Pressure-seal

Size 3" to 18" (80 mm to 450 mm)
ASME Class Class 900 to 4100
Design Standard ASME B 16.34

Beyond Standards

  1. Pressure-seal Globe Valve design conforms to ASME B 16.34.
  2. CE Marking – Meets requirements of Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, Annexure III, Module H
  3. Atex – Meets requirements of Atex Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), category 2 non-electrical equipment
  4. Safety Integrity Level for Automated Valves – SIL 3 certification available
  5. Pressure-seal Globe Valves (up to Class 2500) used in Oil & Gas industry tested to ISO 15848-1 Class BH
  6. Pressure-seal Globe Valves successfully tested to Shell Design Validation Test 77/300 and witnessed by Shell Inspectors

Features that Add Value:

  1. Valves in intermediate classes reduce total cost of ownership
  2. Pressure-Seal mechanism utilizes line pressure to enhance seal; ensures sealing integrity at higher operating pressures.
  3. In-situ hardfaced seat design for all sizes
  4. Higher hardfacing thickness (3 mm) to ensure consistent hot hardness
  5. Body-guided Disc offered in Pressure-seal Globe Valves (all sizes/classes) provides disc stability and avoids vibration of the disc-disc nut assembly
  6. Disc guides hardfaced for longer life
  7. Customised deposition process in F91/ C12A valves to avoid delamination of hardfaced surfaces
  8. Live loading of bonnet bolts for F91/ C12A valves
  9. Special high purity graphite packing (seven rings) provided for pressure rating > Class 2500 in Power applications

Versatile Solutions

  1. Available in a cast and forged steels and exotic metallurgies for a wide variety of applications
  2. By-pass arrangement provided for over-pressure protection based on customer requirement
  3. ValvTrac™ RFID tagging offered for reliable digital traceability