Forged Steel Valves - Class 1500 to 4500

Size ½" to 2" (8 mm to 50 mm)
ASME Class Class 1500 to 4500
Design Standard ASME B16.34

L&T Valves manufactures a versatile range of ultra high pressure Small Bore Forged Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves. The Valves is available in a variety of materials and end connections to meet customer requirements.

Salient Features

  • Body-bonnet Connection
  • The body-bonnet connection of these valves is of threaded construction. To enhance the seal, the body-bonnet joint is seal-welded.
  • Stem-disc Assembly
  • The disc of a globe valve is connected to the stem using a wire inserted through a hole in the disc. This unique stem-disc connection enables the disc to rotate freely on the stem, align perfectly with the seat and produce a tight seal.
  • Seat and Disc
  • Forged steel valves have integral seats that are machined and hard-faced insitu for longer service life. As a standard, the valves are offered with 1.6 mm hard-facing. The discs are guided during opening/ closing to ensure proper sealing and to minimize seat damage.

Versatile Range

  1. T-pattern Valves
  2. Material Grades: A105, F22, F91, F92, F304