LAMP, L&T Valves Asset Management Programme

  1. We offer our customers more than a product, we offer a promise of performance, we offer peace of mind.
  2. L&T Valves launches a smart flow-control solution that enhances plant safety and reliability – L&T Valves Asset Management Program, LAMP. This IoT-ready remote valve performance monitoring system leverages expertise in valve manufacture as well as system design and integration.
  3. At the core of LAMP is a time-tested SIL3-capable valve – Ball, Butterfly, DBB Plug, Gate or Globe. Each valve is equipped with ValvTrac™ digital traceability tag that cross-links valve signature to traceability information such as valve test certificates, material test certificates, and installation, operation and maintenance manuals.
  4. The valves are upgraded to ‘Smart Valves’ by integrating them with next-generation smart sensors that measure parameters such as torque, leakage, vibration, pressure, temperature and position. The data is relayed real-time to a secure, dedicated cloud computing platform where it is analyzed to provide complete valve health and diagnostic information.
  5. Valve users can access information through a secure login, or port the data to the native asset management system through any standard field communication protocol (HART, WirelessHART, Foundation Fieldbus, etc.).
  6. To a customer, knowledge is trust; the more he knows about the state of a valve, the more confident can he be about its performance. Thus LAMP takes the guesswork out of valve maintenance and allows customers to transition from preventive maintenance based on thumb rules to predictive maintenance based on real data.


  1. Enhanced safety and reliability
  2. Proactively-scheduled maintenance and supply of spares. Lower breakdowns, higher customer satisfaction
  3. Opportunity to fine-tune valve selection based on actual performance data

Valve Options

  1. Ball, Butterfly, DBB Plug
  2. Gate, Globe

Sensor Options

  1. Torque
  2. Leakage: Cavity & Gland
  3. Vibration
  4. Pressure: Up/ Downstream
  5. Temperature
  6. Position

Communication Protocols

  1. HART
  2. WirelessHART
  3. Foundation Fieldbus