Gate Valves - Pressure-seal

Size 3" to 42" (80 mm to 1050 mm)
ASME Class Class 600 to 4100
Design Standard ASME B 16.34, API 600

Beyond Standards

  1. Pressure-seal Gate Valve design conforms to ASME B 16.34.
  2. The design was successfully validated by conducting in-house High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Gas Tests on ultra-high pressure valve prototypes.
  3. Flow Interruption Test successfully conducted on 8″ Class 600 Pressure-seal Gate Valve suitable for Main Stream Isolation Valve (MSIV) service in nuclear power plants – at Areva, Germany.
  4. Fugitive Emission – 14″ Class 2500 Pressure-seal Gate Valve (test pressure of 431 bar at ambient and 289 bar at 400 degree C) has been tested successfully as per ISO 15848-1, endurance Class CO2 and Tightness Class BH
  5. CE Marking – Meets requirements of Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, Annexure III, Module H
  6. Atex – Meets requirements of Atex Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), category 2 non-electrical equipment
  7. SIL3 Safety Integrity Level for Automated Valves
  8. Pressure-seal Gate Valves (up to Class 2500) used in Oil & Gas industry tested to ISO 15848-1 Class BH
  9. Pressure-seal Gate Valves successfully tested to Shell Design Validation Test 77/300 and witnessed by Shell Inspectors

Features that Add Value:

  1. Valves in intermediate classes reduce total cost of ownership
  2. Pressure-Seal mechanism utilizes line pressure to enhance seal; ensures sealing integrity at higher operating pressures.
  3. Higher hardfacing thickness (3 mm) to ensure consistent hot hardness
  4. Disc guides hardfaced for longer life
  5. Customised deposition process in F91/ C12A valves to avoid delamination of hardfaced surfaces
  6. Live loading of bonnet bolts for F91/ C12A valves
  7. Special high purity graphite packing (seven rings) provided for pressure rating > Class 2500 in Power applications
  8. Live loading of bonnet bolts and gland bolts for all valves in F91/ C12A construction

Versatile Solutions

  1. Available in a cast and forged steels and exotic metallurgies for a wide variety of applications
  2. By-pass arrangement provided for over-pressure protection based on customer requirement
  3. Accessories: Heat Dissipation Bonnets, Dashpot Arrangement, Limit Switches, Extension Spindles and Position Indicator
  4. ValvTrac™ RFID tagging offered for reliable digital traceability