Valves for Power Plants

L&T Valves manufactures wide variety of customised solutions for Power Plants, leveraging expertise in valve design and a deep understanding of power industry requirements.

Key Products

  1. Reheater Isolating Device (RID) is used to isolate reheater lines during hydrostatic tests. The device has a disc that can be inserted from the top between hard-faced seat rings to effect sealing. After hydrostatic tests, the disc is removed and the device effectively becomes an integral part of the piping. RID eliminates the need to physically isolate lines during tests. The body-bonnet connection of this device is of pressure-seal design.
  2. Quick Closing Non-Return Valve (QCNRV)
  3. Stop Check Valve
  4. Tilting Disc Check Valve
  5. Angle Globe Valve
  6. Bellow Seal Valve
  7. Vacuum Service Valve