Bellow-sealed Gate and Globe Valves

Size Gate Valves: 2" to 30" (50 mm to 750 mm)
Globe Valves: 2” to 12” (50 mm to 300 mm)
ASME Class Class 150 to 600
Design Standard API 600 (Gate), API 623 (Globe), MSS SP-117

Beyond Standards

  1. Fugitive Emissions – Complies to ISO 15848-1: 2006 Class AH leakage
  2. SIL3 Safety Integrity Level for Automated Valves
  3. The bellows lifecycle is designed as per MSS SP-117

Features that Add Value:

  1. Metal bellows seal the moving stem and increase durability of packed stem seal valves
  2. Bellow provide a barrier between the stem at its point of entry through the pressure boundary and the process fluid within the valve, to eliminate stem leakage
  3. An anti-rotation device is provided in the bonnet to ensure bellow does not get twisted during assembly and disassembly or by vibration
  4. Bellow-sealed valves are usually leak tested using a mass spectrometer to detect leakage rates below 1x10E-06
  5. Bellow-sealed bonnets are backed up with a standard stem packing set and a leakage monitoring port between the bellows and the packing in order to prevent catastrophic release of hazardous fluid in the event of a bellows leak.

Versatile Solutions

  1. alvTrac™ RFID tags for reliable digital traceability