Valves for Pulp and Paper Industry

L&T Valves is a leader in flow-control solutions for paper and pulp industry. The pulp & paper industry has many difficult applications including calcium carbonate, kaolin, calcined clays, lime, white, green liquor, and black liquor where scaling and abrasive media cause other valves to fail regularly.

A combination of corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, high temperatures, flow control, and the desire for easy maintenance. Stainless steel Tripple-Offset valve &Trunnion mounted ball valves are designed specifically for reliable in difficult services in pulp and paper mill. All types of valves can be specially designed with electric, pneumatic actuation based on the local control, which facilitates automatic operation.

PULP & PAPER industry presents unique challenges, and L&T Valves offers a portfolio of high-performance solutions that successfully address the challenges:

  • API monogrammed.
  • Successfully tested to most stringent industry standards – Fugitive Emissions (API 624, API 641 and ISO 15848-1) and Fire-safety (API 607/ API 6FA)
  • Unmatched safety and reliability in risky operating conditions. SIL3 Capable Automation solutions.
  • Designed for severe services in hostile environments. Erosion and corrosion resistant valves, in high alloys and with specialised surface coatings.
  • Designed for endurance and easy maintainability.
  • Asset management support for the entire life cycle

L&T Valves for Pulp & Paper industry

  • Emergency Shutdown Valves/ Blowdown Valves
  • Side-entry & Top-entry Trunnion-mounted Ball Valves
    • Cryogenic valves
    • High alloy/ cladded valves
    • FBE valves
  • Gate, Globe & Check Valves
    • High alloy valves
    • Cryogenic Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
    • Concentric – Soft-seated
    • Triple-offset – Laminar & Solid seals, Cryogenic Valves

Valves for Pulp & Paper - Material Options

  • SS Grades: 304/ 316, F347/ 321, CF3/ CF3M, CF8/ CF8M, CF8C, CN7M
  • DSS Grades: 4A/ 5A/ 6A, F55, F51
  • Alloy Steels: F91, F22, C12, C12A, WC6, WC9
  • High Ni Alloys: C276, CW2M, CY40, M-25-1, CW6MC, Cu5MCuC
  • Carbon Steels: WCB, LCB, LCC, A105, LF2, LF6