Globe Valves – Bolted Bonnet

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Beyond Standards:

  • Globe Valve design complies to API 623 (higher stem diameter than BS 1873)
  • Fugitive Emissions – Complies to API 624 and ISO 15848-1 (<50 ppm / Class AH leakage levels, optional)
  • Globe Valves tested to API 624 at Yarmouth Research Lab, Maine, USA
  • Fire safe – By design and tested to API 607/ISO 10497
  • CE Marking – Meets requirements of Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, Annexure III, Module H
  • PED Module B1 Design Examination Certificate (certified by DNV) available
  • Atex – Meets requirements of Atex Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), category 2 non-electrical equipment
  • SIL3 Safety Integrity Level for Automated Valves
  • Globe valves successfully tested to Shell Design Validation Test Procedure 77/300 and witnessed by Shell Inspectors

Features that Add Value:

  • Body Guided disc in globe valves (all sizes/classes) provides disc stability and avoids vibration of the disc-disc nut assembly
  • Non-rotating rising stem design in globe valves (2” and above) yields a 20-30% reduction in valve torque vis-à-vis the Rotating rising stem globe valves
  • In-situ seat design in all globe valves
  • Inconel overlay cladded option available for economical solutions

Versatile Solutions:

  • Y-Globe, Bellows-sealed, FBE/ Fusion-bonded Epoxy Lined, Steam-Jacketed
  • ValvTrac™ RFID tagging offered for reliable digital traceability